Volvo Staycation Offers

Let the adventures unfold

Free of charge Load Carrier with every Roof Box saving you £230, guaranteeing you’ve got all the space you need for all your staycation things.

Roof Boxes Description

Part Number


Roof Box Designed by Volvo



Roof Box Space Design 520



Roof Box Space Design 420



Roof Box Sport Time 2003



Shine through Summer

Keep your Volvo looking spotless in the sunshine with a Summer Kit for just £12.50. From Bird & Bug Remover to Car Shampoo, your Volvo is sure to stay looking showroom fresh.

Move up a gear

Save 20% on the Roof Mounted Aluminium Bicycle Holder and our Tow-Bar Bicycle Rack. Drive knowing your next ride is secure.


Part Number

RRP Price

New Price

Roof Mounted Aluminium Bicycle Holder




Towbar Mounted Bike Rack 2 Bikes




Folding Towbar Mounted Bike Rack 2 Bikes (Fix4Bike)




Towbar Mounted Bike Rack 3 Bikes




Towbar Mounted Bike Rack 4 Bikes

31454868 & 31454869



Towbar Mount Bike Rack 3 Bikes (Fix4Bike)




Volvo Accessories
Volvo Summer Kit
Volvo Roof Box

Prices stated are inclusive of VAT and correct at the time of publication. Not all accessories are compatible with all models. Please enquire for more details. All offers, parts and accessories subject to availability. Valid until 30.09.2022

The Bicycle Holders are applicable for all customers. Please note that the Fix4Bikes can only be fitted to current production models i.e. CMA and SPA vehicles.