Volvo Genuine Windscreens

Understanding the strength and safety that Volvo Genuine Windscreens provide

Your cars outstanding safety rating is thanks to Volvo technology – like our unique windscreen, which is involved in twelve of our safety systems – that’s only guaranteed to work with Volvo Genuine Parts. Keep your car at its safest and preserve your peace of mind by using Volvo Accident Assistance.

As being one of the most important parts of your Volvo, a Volvo windshield provides a clear view of the road with no distortion. Your windshield is also designed to work cohesively with all of the safety systems to ensure they operate as intended.

Below are the Following Safety Features and Systems that work with your windshield:

  • City Safety
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Collision Warning w/Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection
  • Driver Alert System
  • Lane Keeping Aid
  • Road Sign Information
  • Ready Alert Brakes
  • Active High Beams
  • Head-up Display (HUD)
  • Alert Lights vs Low Beam activation
  • Prepared seatbelts and airbags
  • Passenger airbag force distribution
  • Structural Body Support

The Benefits of a Volvo Genuine Windshield and Volvo Genuine Adhesive:

• Structural integrity is maintained without compromise, ensuring the body of the car maintains the same strength as when it was assembled at the factory.

• IntelliSafe continues to function optimally, as designed by Volvo Car engineers.

• A Volvo approved method for the calibration of the IntelliSafe system is used, ensuring the proper function of the optical, distance and radar-based sensors