New Accessory Product - Volvo Dashcam


Front camera from £330

Front and Rear Camera from £530


·The car camera is located in the top section of the windscreen.

·The front camera can be supplemented with a camera in the rear windscreen.

·Recording between the two cameras is synchronised and gives good picture quality even in poor light.

·The car camera can be set so that it is automatically activated every time you start the car.

·It can also be controlled via the voice command, meaning you can focus on driving while also taking snapshots


The car camera has built-in storage of up to 128 GB, equivalent to approx. 3.5 hours' recording. If required, the storage can easily be increased by an extra class 10 micro SD card. When the memory is full, the camera starts to overwrite the oldest recordings, apart from photos that have been taken and events triggered by the G sensor.

Facts and advantages

·The film is automatically played in Full HD quality and covers a wide-angle of 140 degrees.

·The camera also performs well in poor light.

·Built-in G sensor enables recording even when the car is parked.

·Use the voice command "Take photo" to take a snapshot.

·In 5G Wi-Fi mode, it only takes ten seconds to download a video 3 minutes long.

·Built-in storage of 128 GB, equivalent to approx. 3.5 hours' recording time.

·The DVR On Road app is available free from Apple Store and Google Play.

*Available for specific Models, please speak to a member of our team for more information

Technical data

·Front camera resolution: 1600P@30fps, 5 Mpxl

·HDR, High Dynamic Range, enhancement in poor light

·Rear camera resolution: 1080P@30fps, 2Mpxl.

·WDR, Wide Dynamic Range, enhancement in poor light

·Internal memory: 32G eMMC, 128 GB

·External memory: Class 10 micro-SD card. Not included.

·Wi-Fi, dual frequency for high-speed download:

·2.4 GHz and 5 GHz