Complete your Volvo Christmas shopping with The Volvo Car Lifestyle Collection.

Complement your Volvo and your lifestyle with the Swedish brand's clothing and accessories range.


Upcycled Charger Cable Type-C to Type-C

£22.10 excl VAT
Part Number: 32251596

This luxurious orange leather USB-C to USB-C port charging cable is a new addition to our Upcycled Collection.

Volvo Accessories

Reimagined Charger Cable Type C

£19.00 excl VAT
Part Number: 32251526

This luxurious Charcoal grey USB to type C Port charging cable is a new addition to our Reimagined Selection.

Volvo Accessories

Upcycled AirPod Pro Case

£26.00 excl VAT
Part Number: 32251595

Protect your AirPods and experience quick and easy wireless charging with this Upcycled AirPods Pro Case.

Volvo Accessories

Upcycled Magnetic Cardholder

£45.50 excl VAT
Part Numbers:
Orange: 32251600

This Upcycled Magnetic Cardholder lets you carry up to three cards securely and in style.

Upcycled AirTag Holder Microtech

£17.30 excl. VAT
Part Numbers: 2310726-154-000

The AirTag holder is designed with a sturdy metal keyring and features an embossed Volvo logo.

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