Free Volvo Safety Inspection at Bells Motor Group

At Volvo, we do everything we can to make our cars as safe as possible for you and your passengers – and we want them to stay that way. That’s why we’ve introduced our FREE Safety Inspection to help maintain and protect your Volvo for many years to come.

What does it involve?

✔ Well, just as Microsoft or Apple continually test, modify and upgrade the software they produce, Volvo continually test and provide software upgrades for their cars.

✔ These upgrades can influence Volvo cars performance, efficiency, environmental impact, and safety systems, for example the speed at which the airbags should deploy.

✔ Your local garage can check the mechanical elements of your Volvo, but only 200 facilities in the UK, which include all Volvo dealers, have the necessary VIDA system, which provides our technicians with a direct link to the Volvo factory in Sweden

✔ The connection to VIDA offers the most up-to-date information possible, allowing us to download or advise you of any free or chargeable software upgrades, technical information and individual service actions for your Volvo.

✔All Volvo models from 1999 onwards can be connected to our VIDA diagnostic system, bringing your car in for your free Volvo Safety Inspection is the only way to check for upgrades to this software and, where possible, to make sure it’s up to date.

Volvo customers who already use the Volvo dealer network for service and maintenance can have the reassurance that this inspection forms part of the Volvo Service Programme and that they do not need to take up this offer as all appropriate upgrades would have been carried out at their last service.

The Free Volvo Safety Inspection, worth £56 including VAT, usually forms part of a full Volvo service and is a thorough check of your Volvo's systems.

Checks included in your Free Volvo Safety Inspection

For more information or to book your free Safety Inspection, please contact Bells Motor Group today

Terms and Conditions Only one free Volvo Safety Inspection per Volvo car. Further inspections can be carried out at £56 including VAT, offer applicable to retail customers only. This promotion is at participating Volvo Service Centres only.

A Volvo Safety Inspection does not replace the requirements of a Volvo scheduled service. Therefore switching off of service reminder lights does not form part of the inspection. Any corrective work not covered with the Volvo Safety Inspection will be quoted for. If the systems on your Volvo have had an unauthorised modification (e.g. chipped) then the dealer is not responsible for the potential loss of these modifications during the Volvo Safety Inspection. The completion of the Volvo Safety Inspection does not confer approval of unauthorised modifications and their impact on other systems on the car. Promotion may be withdrawn at any time