Volvo EX40 Introducing the Volvo EX40 Starting From £45,955.00

For every version of you.The fully electric EX40, an expressive and versatile SUV designed for living life to the fullest.

You told us, we delivered.
Discover the smart details and enabling tech your life demands.

Google built-inAir purifier Harman Kardon Premium sound
360 degree camera Cross traffic alertDriver assistance technology

Premium interiors

Express your style with one of the available leather-free interiors. Each design combines rich upholstery, sculpted décor and advanced comfort features in a cabin that harmonises premium and practical.

More responsible design

Live true to your values with the EX40. Available interiors feature responsibly sourced and partially recycled upholsteries. The carpet includes repurposed plastics. And by making infotainment and driver controls familiar and intuitive, technology elevates your driving experience without adding complexity.

Luminous sculpted décor

Keep nature close with the Topography décor. Inspired by the mountainous landscape of Sweden’s Abisko National Park, these panels use sculpted layers of perforated material. When the décor is backlit, it takes on three dimensions and fills the cabin with a soothing glow.

Clever cabin storage

Follow your routines and indulge your impulses without cluttering the cabin. You'll find hooks, holders and compartments to store what you always bring along and what you just can't pass up. We've even relocated speakers from door panels to give you and your passengers big pockets for bulky items like water bottles and laptops. And we've done it without diminishing the high-quality surround sound available in the EX40.

Feature highlights

Explore some of the EX40 features that see this SUV tick all the boxes in head-turning style.


Google Maps

Reach your destination without hassle using Google Maps. It's integrated into the EX40 infotainment system to put real-time traffic information at a glance. Get updated navigation when conditions change or if you take a wrong turn, and locate charging stations within range when it's time to top up.

Google Assistant​

Talk to Google Assistant for hands-free help. Easily find music, send texts and make calls, get answers to search queries and more so you can focus on driving.

Google Play

Stay connected to your digital life with Google Play. Use it to access your favourite apps and services and make every journey more entertaining and relaxing. 

Comfort and Tech ​


Cleaner cabin air

Breathe cleaner air with our advanced air purification system. It prevents up to 80 per cent of hazardous PM 2.5 particles from entering the cabin, delivering better quality air no matter the outside conditions. You can also monitor particles and pollen levels outside and in real time.

Driver assistance

Enjoy more peace of mind with Pilot Assist. This advanced technology helps you maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you by automatically adapting your speed. This can help take the strain out of stop-and-go traffic. Your fully electric EX40 can even help hold the centre lane with a gentle steer assist.

Remote charging controls

Make the most of driving a fully electric Volvo SUV with the Volvo Cars app. Find charging stations, monitor charging status and schedule at-home charging. Get set up before you set off by adjusting the cabin climate, running an air purification cycle and more. Forget your keys? No problem. Use the app to lock and unlock your car.* 

Volvo Cars app availability and features vary across markets.


Harman Kardon Premium Sound system

Beautiful sound for the senses

This premium optional audio system delivers a refined sound performance you can feel all around you. No matter the genre, it immerses you, moves you and lets you enjoy every moment.

Immerse yourself in music

The system is powered by a 600W digital amplifier and enabled by 13 hi-fi speakers including an air-ventilated subwoofer. Tailored to your Volvo’s interior acoustics, a powerful, immersive sound experience awaits.

Optimised speaker performance

Unique sound processing software – Dirac® Unison Tuning – optimises the response of each individual speaker as well as the speakers as a system, ensuring they perform in perfect harmony.

Discover the premium interior design features that make the EX40 the ideal all-day companion.


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