Volvo XC40 Introducing the Volvo XC40 Starting From £36,295.00

Everything you need. Smart. Versatile. Expressive. Meet our compact SUV - for every version of you. ​The XC40. 

You told us, we delivered.
Discover the smart details and enabling tech your life demands.

Google built-inAir purifier Harman Kardon Premium sound
360 degree camera Cross traffic alertDriver assistance technology

Smart Cabin Storage

Inside, you’ll discover smart storage solutions for water bottles, gym bags, phones, laptops, and even hooks to secure shopping bags or take-away food.

Open Skies 

​In the city or on the open highway, a panoramic roof lets light flood in, creating a natural, spacious feel for everyone in the cabin.

Flexible cargo solutions

​Configure the spacious rear load compartment of the XC40 SUV to fit your needs. Seamlessly transform the floor into a cargo divider or shopping bag holder.

Discover your second home ​

With comfort, material quality and versatility in focus, the interior of the XC40 SUV soon feels like a second home.

Feature highlights

With a world leading safety, comfort and audio design, the XC40 SUV ticks every box.


Best-in-class navigation

​With Google Maps seamlessly integrated in the XC40 mild hybrids, real-time traffic info and automatic rerouting helps you reach your destination with less hassle.

Google Assistant​

Talk to Google in your XC40 mild hybrid for hands-free help. Easily get directions, enjoy entertainment and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues – just say “Hey Google” to get started.

Google Play

Stay connected to your digital life. Google Play in your XC40 mild hybrid lets you enjoy the apps and services that can make every journey more entertaining and convenient.

Comfort and Tech ​


Cleaner cabin air 

​Our advanced air purifier system prevents up to 80 per cent of hazardous PM 2.5 particles entering the cabin. This can help you and your passengers enjoy better and healthier air quality, no matter the conditions outside.

A helping hand 

​Enjoy smooth control. Supportive driver assistance technology can help you maintain a safe distance to cars in front by adapting your speed as well as helping keep you centred in the lane through subtle steering adjustments.

App remote service

Subscribe to a Digital services package and enjoy full access to all the remote services in the Volvo Cars app including locking and unlocking, cabin pre-cleaning and cabin heating or cooling.*

* The Volvo Cars app remote services are enabled through the Digital services subscription which is available for XC40 mild hybrids and the pure electric XC40 Recharge. It is included for up to four years from the retail delivery date if the car is new. After this period ends, new terms and conditions will apply.


Harman Kardon Premium Sound system

Beautiful sound for the senses

This premium optional audio system delivers a refined sound performance you can feel all around you. No matter the genre, it immerses you, moves you and lets you enjoy every moment.

Immerse yourself in music

The system is powered by a 600W digital amplifier and enabled by 13 hi-fi speakers including an air-ventilated subwoofer. Tailored to your Volvo’s interior acoustics, a powerful, immersive sound experience awaits.

Optimised speaker performance

Unique sound processing software – Dirac® Unison Tuning – optimises the response of each individual speaker as well as the speakers as a system, ensuring they perform in perfect harmony.

Go the extra mile.Harness energy for a smoother drive with our mild hybrids.

Reduce tailpipe emissions

Our mild hybrids recover energy produced when braking and store it in a 48V battery. When this energy is used, fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions are both reduced.

Mobility refined

The XC40 mild hybrid has been engineered to deliver smooth take-offs and refined acceleration, making both city and highway journeys more refined.

Fuel savings

Every drop of fuel saved helps – and in our mild hybrids, you enjoy lower fuel consumption without experiencing performance compromises.


Discover inner harmony. Contemporary design and carefully selected materials characterise every detail of the XC40.


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