Volvo Gold Accessory Pack

Rubber Mats

- Waterproof

- Colour coordinated

- Easy to clean

- Easy to install and remove from the car

Front and Rear Mud Flaps

- The Mudflaps blend in well with the car's design.

- Effective protection to the sides of the car from wheel splash and also minimizes water spray on following traffic.

- The Mudflaps are made of a soft plastic material that yields to any blows

Full Load Liner

- Moulded load liner made of durable plastic that protects the car's regular mat in the cargo compartment.

-The cargo box is coated with a layer of friction-increasing material to prevent the load from sliding around.

- Easy to Clean

Loading Protection

- Bumper cover, with design pattern, that is easily installed on the upper side of the rear bumper.

- A practical and attractive accessory to avoid scratching the paint when loading and unloading the load compartment.

(XC60, V60, V70, C70 Only) or Dirt Cover (all models) 


Bumper Dirt Cover

- A practical cover for the rear bumper that prevents clothes from getting dirty and protects the bumper when loading and unloading.

- The cover simply folds out over the bumper when in use. When loading is finished, fold it back into the cargo compartment.


- Interior and Exterior Protection for your new car

- Supagard InteriorGard coats each fibre with a resin based formula which won't wash out. This professionally applied product prevents spills of coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks, juices, water and other similar liquids from permanently staining your fabrics and carpets. The dirt can be either vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution.

- The invisible barrier helps reduce friction between the fibres prolonging their life. This allows the Fabrics and Carpets to retain their natural texture and appearance.

- Protect your vehicle's paintwork from the harsh environment that surrounds it - Ultra Violet rays from the sun which can fade paintwork, atmospheric fallout and acid rain which can damage the paint finish, road salt and other contributors which can fade and corrode the surface.

- Comes with a full aftercare kit and Key Finder

- Ask your salesperson for a demonstration