Volvo Purchase Plan with Bells Motor Group


The agreement can be structured to meet your individual requirements based on the car, the agreement duration required, the available deposit and your monthly budget

After paying the initial deposit you make regular monthly payments to cover the amount borrowed plus any interest and fees

The interest rate is fixed which means you’ll know exactly how much you will repay throughout the term of the agreement

Once all of the payments have been paid the car is yours


✔ A fixed rate of interest and a fixed monthly payment, allowing you to budget with confidence
✔ A simple loan that allows you to repay the amount payable with equal instalments.

This agreement is great if you have a budget for the type of vehicle you desire. It allows you to pay a fixed amount every month and then by the end of the agreement when you have a better financial situation due to not having to pay the full cost of a car upfront.

If a Purchase Plan sounds like its for you, please complete the enquiry form by clicking 'Make an Enquiry' above and a member of our sales team will be contact.