Pure electric cars

Our full electric car technology will change the way you move. No tailpipe emissions while driving, just pure electric progression


Our first pure electric SUV is now available. Combining true SUV styling, a high-performing electric powertrain, long range and smart practicality, you don’t have to compromise anymore to drive in a more sustainable way.


Our first pure electric crossover.

Please note: Volvo are streamlining and standardising model names for fully electric cars, which means the fully electric XC40 and C40 will receive a new nameplate from MY25 vehicle onwards to EX40 and EC40

Free of tailpipe emissions

No tailpipe carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide emissions while driving. Nothing but the pure joy of freedom – without the environment having to pay the price.

A new drive

The pure electric powertrain provides a supremely inspiring, silent and refined drive, with an instant torque for fast take-offs and smooth, linear acceleration at all speeds.

Easy to live with

A large battery gives a long range. So you don’t have to charge so often. And when you have to charge the car, it’s designed to make it easy and convenient – you can even do it at home.

A pure electric car – how does it work?

A pure electric car is powered by a plug-in battery and propelled by electric motors only. See how it works here.

Dual electric motors

The electric powertrain of the EX40 consists of two 150kW/300Nm electric motors. This gives both high performance and a smooth driving experience.

Brake energy regeneration

When braking or slowing down, the brake energy is transferred back to the battery for a longer range. This also gives you one pedal drive for a smoother and more controlled drive.

Powerful battery

The large 78 kWh battery gives a range of over 400 km/200 miles* and can easily be charged at home or at a DC fast-charging station. It also allows effective pre-heating as well as pre-cooling of the cabin.

XC40 Pure Recharge
C40 Pure Recharge

*Range according to the realistic WLTP and EPA driving cycles under controlled conditions for a new vehicle. Real-world range may vary. Figures are based on preliminary target. Final vehicle certification pending.