Volvo plug-in hybrid technology

Same car, smaller footprint

With CO2 emissions of 55g/km or less, our plug-in hybrids are a more conscientious choice. Over a 10 mile commute to work and back, you could save up to 46 bathtubs of CO2 every week compared to competitor petrol or diesel models

Volvo Twin Engines

Otherwise known as plug-in hybrids or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

What is a plug-in hybrid?

A traditional combustion engine combined with a battery-powered electric motor.

How are they charged?

By being plugged in, or through regenerative braking whilst on the move.

Solely electric power?

Yes. For short journeys of up to 30 miles, dependent on the model.

Freely go wherever life leads

Charge up fully in as little as three hours for a combined electric and fuel range of over 700 miles.
So there’s no need to worry how far your battery will take you.

Volvo On Call: a touch easier

Our smartphone app offers all kinds of functionality. But it’s a particularly useful tool for Volvo plug-in hybrid owners: 1. Check the status and available range of your battery. 2. Plan and schedule charging times

Drive however you choose

Switch drive modes to suit your journey or your mood. Our Recharge Plug-in hybrids give you options at the touch of a button.

Pure mode

Travel short journeys solely on electric power. For many people, a fully charged battery will get them to work fuel free and exhaust emissions free.

Hybrid mode

Lets the Twin Engine optimise itself, balancing petrol and electric input for maximum efficiency and minimum emissions.

Power mode

For high performance driving on command. Experience the full 390hp of both engines working in harmony.

XC40 Recharge
XC60 Recharge
XC90 Recharge