Sales On-Site Mystery Shop Has Passed. No Action Plan Required.

A very good visit and I enjoyed it immensely. I was surprised that they had a demonstrator model of the Optima 4, as it was only released 10 days ago. I must say I was also surprised at the knowledge levels and enthusiasm of the staff with regards to the vehicle considering the very short time they have had it in their showroom. I felt that the Manager whom I saw briefly initially and also the Sales Executive were excellent throughout the visit and I cannot fault them. I particularly liked the demonstration of both the adaptive cruise control and parking; the Sales executive was so enthusiastic about these features that they certainly convinced me to like the vehicle even more. The whole Dealership was very friendly and I interacted with numerous staff members during my time there. There was also a lady and young child watching television and doing colouring in, I thought this was a nice touch and showed the family aspect that this Dealership obviously welcomed. I felt it was a very good visit and I would definitely purchase from this Dealership; my business would have certainly been well received and I know I would have been treated with very high customer service standards. Brilliant!

Clive Bell, Managing Director Comments 'This is by far the best feedback I have ever received from a mystery shopper. It also shows how we should all treat our customers, showing a positive attitude, enthusiasm, friendliness, and a general high level of attentiveness to the customers needs. I am very proud to say the least.'

Well done Bells Kia Bedford!