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Electric Cars


How an Electric car works 

​Electric Kias can cover long distances with zero talipipe emission. In fact, our EV6 can go up to 328 miles (combined WLTP testing) on a single charge. 

Our models can be charged from home or a public charge point using Type 2 and CCS standard sockets. At a rapid DC charging station they will charge in less time than you need to take a break. 

For added efficiency, Kia electric cars come with regenerative braking, which allows them to funnel significant amounts of energy back to the battery through braking or deceleration. It's also a new way of driving, using the brake pedal a lot less and relying on regenerative braking instead. 

Kia Electric

Benefits of Electric Cars ​

Kia Electric
Kia Electric
Kia Electric

Optimal performance ​

Kia electric cars deliver maximum torque immediately so you get instant throttle response and brisk acceleration. Their low centre of gravity – thanks to the positioning of the battery – means you also enjoy superior handling.

Electric only drive

Sound of silence? Not quite, but drive a Kia electric car – whether in town or on the motorway - and you’ll notice how relaxing and quiet it is.

Long distance driving

Do you sometimes travel long distance? Whatever your lifestyle, electric cars are convenient to use both for short and long journeys. Not only do they benefit from significant range, but they charge fast and you can rely on convenient public charging solutions like Kia Charge.

Plug-In Hybrid Cars

kia plug in hybrid

Plug-In Hybrids offer you an enhanced level of power output — that can be drawn from both a petrol engine and cable-rechargeable battery. This balanced engineering solution uses a bigger battery, ensuring you'll use more electricity and less petrol. It means you'll enjoy optimal fuel economy and better overall driving range, while lowering your carbon footprint on every journey you make.

How a Plug-In Hybrid car works

Plug-In Hybrids have a battery and engine that support each other when needed.

The battery needs to be charged from an external source, like a home or public charge point.

The battery also charges when decelerating or going downhill.

Plug-In Hybrids can operate in electric-only mode at low and high speed for significant distances.

Kia Electric

Optimal performance

Enhanced driveability delivered by the combined performance of a petrol driven engine and electric motor.

​Electric only range

Good for your wallet and our planet. With your battery fully charged, you can make most short daily journeys without using even a drop of petrol.

Long distance driving

Similar to a hybrid, the plug-in hybrid's combustion engine lets you drive long distances once the all-electric range has been utilised.

Hybrid Cars ​


Hybrid to cope with every eventuality. Since launching the Optima hybrid in 2011, Kia have developed a range of outstanding hybrid vehicles that stand out for their efficiency, appeal and quality. More than a flexible technology, this is a range honed to give you room for inspiration.

How a Hybrid car works

​Hybrids have a battery and engine that support each other when needed.

There is no need to charge the battery from an external source.

The battery charges when decelerating or going downhill.

Hybrids can operate in electric-only mode when at a standstill, at low, constant speed or when decelerating.


Benefits of Hybrid


Consume less fuel

The seamless coordination of the engine and battery not only provides power but also efficient use of fuel.

No need to plug in

Fill up the car with petrol just like any conventional petrol car. Our Hybrid system cleverly charges the battery whilst you are driving.

Less clutch, more drive

Enjoy the performance of two combined power sources funnelled through an automatic or dual-clutch gearbox. The system automatically changes gears swiftly and seamlessly for maximum driving enjoyment.

The Kia Eco Range

Kia Electric and Hybrid cars use electric power or a combination of electric and petrol power to drive the engine. This makes them more economical to run with lower emissions than a traditional petrol driven car. So, whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, or simply wish to lower the cost of running your car, there are plenty of reasons to go electric and making the switch is much simpler than you might think.

What is a battery electric car?

A battery electric vehicle is better for the environment than a petrol or diesel car, cheaper to run and simpler to own. Like the sound of that? Our simple guide can tell you more.

What is a Self-Charging Hybrid?

A hybrid or self-charging hybrid car switches between petrol and electric automatically to optimise driving performance, improve fuel economy and lower emissions. Simply get in and the car generates power as you drive. No plugging in required.

What is a Plug-In Hybrid car?

Plug-in Hybrid cars use a combination of petrol and electric to offer you many of the benefits of an electric car and a petrol engine combined.

Reasons to drive an Electric or Hybrid car

Reliably cost effective

Electric and Hybrid vehicles may have a higher purchase price but take the strong residual values and relatively low running costs into account and the proposition becomes a lot more attractive.

Instant performance

With clutch-less operation and instant acceleration response, our electric vehicles are genuinely fun to drive. Our EV6, with its road-hugging all-wheel drive traction system, takes you from 0-62mph in only 5.2 seconds.

Range that goes the distance

Kia electrified powertrains offer truly useable range and versatility. With our Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrids, you don’t have to compromise on total range compared to conventional vehicles. Our Electric cars offer a range of up to 328 miles (Combined WLTP testing) – more than enough for the everyday and to venture out to far-away places.

Less tax

Good for the environment, great for lower tax. Whether you own your car or drive it for your company, Hybrid and Electric vehicles offer many tax advantages over conventional cars.

Fast charging has arrived

Kia Electric Vehicles can charge in a matter of minutes, not hours. Using the predominant CCS standard for DC charging, our EV6 is capable of charging from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes.

Contribute to a brighter future

Driving a Hybrid or Electric vehicle is one of the ways to help combat climate change so we safeguard our planet and children’s future.

From how much it costs to charge your electric or plug-in hybrid car to how long it takes, we'll tell you everything you need to know about charging your Kia at home

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Hybrid or Electric?

Our Electric cars use a battery to drive a powerful electric motor, while our Hybrids use a combination of electric motor and conventional engine.


A battery electric vehicle is better for the environment than a petrol or diesel car, cheaper to run and simpler to own. Like the sound of that? Owning an electric car is cheaper than you might think, with Government grants, tax incentives and lower running costs.

Self-Charging Hybrids

Switching between petrol and electric automatically to optimise driving performance, improved fuel economy and lower emissions, simply get in and the car generates power as you drive. No plugging in required.

Plug-in Hybrids

A plug-in hybrid gets all the benefits of a self-charging hybrid, but it has a larger battery. This means you can plug it in at home or at a public chargepoint to give you a 30-mile electric range. When that electric range is depleted, the car automatically switches to self-charging hybrid mode.

Kia EV6
The Kia Electric Experience

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