DAB Fully Fitted for £250

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcast and uses a digital signal to provide the best levels of clarity and performance on the radio. You may already be familiar with DAB and have a DAB radio at home where you are experiencing the benefits of DAB.

As we all know technology moves at a fast pace and DAB is now available as an accessory option from your local Kia Dealer on selected models.

Did you know: 90% of the population listen to radio every week, with 33% of this listening being carried out on a DAB receiver (Source: RAJAR Q4 2012)

Why should DAB be of interest to me?

BBC, National Commercial Radio and local radio stations are all available to listen to on DAB. You will find stations that you are already familiar with as well as a wide range of new digital only stations, giving you greater listening choices. The BBC commented recently that there was an intention to develop their digital offerings further, not only through channels that are available all the time but also so called “pop up” stations. Pop up stations are stations which broadcast for a short period of time providing a dedicated channel to a special event e.g. the London Olympics 2012 had a digital pop up channel dedicated to the games.

As well as widening your choice, DAB offers improved sound quality with a significant reduction in hiss and crackle. AM channels can now be listened to with DAB quality sound, a real bonus if you listen to stations such as Talksport.

How do I tune in my DAB Radio?

DAB tuning takes a more simple approach; rather than having to remember a channel's frequency number, you select your DAB channel by name e.g. if you are looking to listen to BBC Radio 2, you can scroll through a list of channels, which are sorted alphabetically for ease, looking for the BBC Radio 2 channel name, select the channel and your favourite programme will be broadcast.

Where can I find what coverage and channels are available in my local area or region I often travel in?

To find out which channels are available in your area and to check your local DAB coverage, click on the link below and input your postcode, you will also find additional information relating to DAB - www.getdigitalradio.com

I have heard about a digital switchover, what is it?

You may have read or heard that the Government are assessing the possibility of a digital switchover for radio, similar to the now completed TV switchover.

In order for this to happen there are two criteria that have to be met:

· DAB coverage will need to be at least the same as FM and be available to 90% of the population · 50% of all listening must be via a digital station

Current indications are that the Government will advise towards the end of 2013 as to a likely switchover date.

How will this affect me?

If a switchover is agreed the current radio in your vehicle will no longer be able to receive FM radio channels. Don’t worry, we do not anticipate that you will wake up the morning after an announcement is made to find your car radio has stopped working, there will be a period of time set by Government before the FM channels are finally switched off, giving you time to visit your Kia dealer to discuss your requirements.

The Kia Solutions:

Our DAB solution leaves no visible wires or external boxes to detract from the interior finish of your vehicle. The operation of the unit is carried out using the factory standard radio and steering wheel remote controls on your vehicle, with the best quality sound and reception being provided by a quality aerial discretely hidden from view within the vehicle body.

With a fully fitted price including VAT of £250, you can enjoy the benefits of DAB on the move, please contact your local Kia dealer for availability and to discuss your requirements.

For more information on DAB please click here to contact our parts department today.