Kia Ceed Introducing the Kia Ceed Starting From £23,095.00

The Kia Ceed

Meet the Kia Ceed

The Kia Ceed
The Kia Ceed

Full sports style

The new Kia Ceed sports a new front styling, incorporating a unique signature tiger-nose grille, as well as a cool horizontal air blade. And, the Ceed's newly designed triangular air curtain, effortlessly complements this model's new, sportier front bumper.

Power and confidence

Sporty sophistication continues to have its say at the rear - with new tail lights showcasing an impactful rear light signature, featuring 48 honeycomb style LEDs and a diffuser design in glossy black. Plus, the rear LEDs make for an even longer lasting impression with sequential turning signals.

Kia Ceed 2
Kia Ceed
Kia Ceed

Driver Attention Warning (DAW+)

Technology that helps you stay alert and on course. The system notices if you’re losing concentration by monitoring the pattern of the steering wheel, acceleration and overall length of the journey. If your attention level seems low, it alerts you both visually and audibly. DAW+ also features a leading vehicle departure warning system that will alert you too if, for example, when in traffic, the car in front of you drives away and you don’t move.

Lane Following Assist (LFA)

Keeps you centred and on course in your lane. The LFA system utilizes the windshield camera in order to monitor lane markings or the leading vehicle to make sure your Ceed remains centred in your lane. Available for all models with a manual or automatic DCT gearbox.

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