Bells Kia Reviews

Sarita Saengsai, Bells Kia Bedford 06.02.2017

The salesman Simon Kent. Very professional and friendly. Always efficient and always done what he said by timelines agreed. I believe car sales is just delivering on what is promised. Which sometimes other dealerships of other brands have dealt with in the past can't seem to get these basics correct. Simon is an asset to your company with complete support and trouble free sales for the customer with his manager Darryl.

Richard Galley, Bells Kia Bedford 01.02.2017

Robin Mills - sales executive. Looked after us so well and made sure the buying process went smoothly and efficiently. Courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. A great ambassador for KIA. Darryl Adams - sales manager. Introduced himself when we collected the car and made sure that we were totally happy with the experience. As Daryl said, he sees his sales team more as consultants than sales people and that was certainly the case with Robin. Jean Tyson - For the last 4 years I have used Bells KIA Bedford for servicing my previous Sportage. Jean has been tremendously helpful whenever I've contacted her and she understands the importance customers place on reliable after-sales support. Well done, Jean! As a 'back-room girl' she probably doesn't get the opportunity for feedback she rightfully deserves! Hopefully this will get back to her.

Ailsa Leck, Bells Kia Bedford 04.01.2017

Very well looked after by Stuart Penny from my first visit when I came to have a look at the Kia range, he helped me refine my requirements and explored different options. He knew I was not ready to buy straight away and kept in touch but at no time did I feel pressurised. He was also very patient and supportive on the test drive which made me feel comfortable as I was switching from manual to automatic for the first time. He knew what was important to me and concentrated on those feature rather than a generic sales patter. The car I bought was a suggestion from Stuart that he contacted me about which and why I came to Bedford rather than a closer dealership. The handover process was also great and it made picking up my car feel like a special event. Flowers, balloons and the car in prime position was a very nice gesture. Very different from when I last collected a new car. Nice follow up email too.

Alison Francis, Bells Kia Bedford 03.01.2017

Simon Kent sales executive. Extremely polite and helpful and accommodating,without any pressure. Presented with a beautiful bouquet when collecting the car.

Taylor Adams, Bells Kia Bedford 30.12.2016

Pete Murphy made me feel very welcome from start to finish to finish. He gave me all the information I needed to know and was really quick and efficient throughout the whole process. He made the collection process very special for me by doing small things like giving me flowers, balloons and a certificate and he showed me all round the car and helped me do things like connecting my phone and he just looked after me really well. I originally wanted a white car however he made me aware that he wasn't sure if I would be able to have a white one as there was a very limited amount of that colour. However as soon as I left the dealership he worked hard and called round lots of places to find me a white one as he knew how much I wanted one and I was really impressed with that

Sandra Waterfield, Bells Kia Bedford 30.12.2016

Robin Mills was just a very easy going, easy to relate to person who couldn't do enough for me and was willing to get me, what I considered, a fantastic deal. He also kept my stroppy, impatient 16 year old daughter amused!

Philipa Carrington, Bells Kia Bedford 30.12.2016

Simon was great, as stated before, very friendly and helpful and went out of his way to make sure we were happy.

Lindsay Duggan, Bells Kia Bedford 28.12.2016

Simon Kent, Sales Executive provided an excellent car purchase experience. I appreciated his friendly open and honesty manner. Moreover, he even came into work on his day off to handover the car. The bouquet of flowers from Darryl Adams, Sales Manager was a nice gesture.

Harsukh Joshi, Bells Kia Bedford 28.12.2016

The manager Mr D Adams and his sales person Mr P Murphy. On the first visit we met Mr Adams who welcomed us and greeted us with smile and offered coffee and made us very comfortable. On the next visit Mr Adams introduced us to his sales executive Mr Murphy and from thence he looked after us in the best possible way a person should do to his guest at his private home.

Trevor Goodwin, Bells Kia Bedford 21.12.2016

Mr. Peter Murphy, the sales Executive, who dealt with my wife and I from our initial contact to final handover, proved to be extremely helpful, reliable and totally professional throughout the whole experience. And just as important. a person with a very good sense of humour. An extremely compitant sales executive and nice person to boot.

Alan Nixon, Bells Kia Bedford 16.12.2016

Robin Mills and Catherine also Jean in Service go out of their way to. Make sure you are satisfied and all is well

Harry Samual, Bells Kia Bedford 06.12.2016

Smooth transaction, no pressure, great buying experience. Peter Murphy he gave us lots of his time, didnt pressure us, could answer all our questions and had a great knowledge of the car. He made it a really great buying experience and we have already recommended to friends and family.

Alan Bifield, bells Kia Bedford 23.11.2016

Right from the initial consultation, we received advice with no pressure to buy. Information about the car and purchase plan very informative. We had initially done some research online before going to buy. Robin Mills was the contact we made and I would recommend him as a future contact point to family and friends

Liz Meluish, Bells Kia Bedford 08.11.2016

I was made very welcome from the moment I arrived and there was no pressure selling, in fact there was no need as once I had looked around and then been shown the car I purchased, it sold itself since it looked the part and it's credentials fitted my specifications. The actual deal was done in a friendly but very professional way and my trust in the brand and in the Dealership was built. I hope that this will be continued. Peter Murphy was the Sales person and was extremely personable as were the manager, secretary and service manager, they couldn't have been more friendly and welcoming. My little car was decked with balloons, a personalised printed celebratory collection notice and to boot a beautiful bouquet of flowers! And it all felt very genuine.

Mark Williams, Bells Kia Bedford 19.10.2016

Simon the sales advisor was amazing, I felt really looked after, all my questions were answered and he went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy. The handover process was really informative and showed that extra level of customer care. I couldn't praise Simon enough as he exceeded my needs and expectations on every meeting.Jean was also really pleasant to meet and it is a really good idea to introduce your staff in this manner so you can picture who you talk to on the phone.

Robert Kerr, Bells Kia Bedford 13.10.2016

The service I received from Robin was outstanding from my first phone call to him to collecting the car, even the follow up after I collected the car was excellent.

Clive Jackson, Bells Kia Bedford 13.10.2016

Made to fell extremely welcomed from the moment we 1st walked through the door. Robin Mills has made the experience of purchasing a Kia vehicle very relaxing and pleasurable. He has been professional throughout the purchase and always available if needed to clarify any questions.
A true assest to your buisiness.

Susan Cunningham, Bells Kia Bedford 07.10.2016

Robin Mills was fantastic from start to finish. We had only gone to look as my daughter was wanting to show us her new car and the delivery was not for a few weeks. Once in the showroom we were all offered drinks and the grandchildren were asked if they would like to watch TV, whilst we looked around (great for us). We were just thinking of purchasing a new car a 7 seater, and really like the look of the Caren's. Robin asked if we would like a test drive. We decided too, so we did. We had a chat about it and decided to order one. As we lived an hour and a half away Robin did everything by e-mail for me which made things really easy. Then on the day of delivery I was presented with a bouquet of flowers and my nice new shiny car covered in balloons, which the children thought was great! Over all it was seamless, and my daughter can't wait for hers to be delivered!

Colin Arnold, Bells Kia Bedford 07.10.2016

Everyone we came into contact with was always extremely polite and helpful.

Jennifer Kelly, Bells Kia Bedford 07.10.2016

Excellent service throughout. Brilliant salesman. Very nice Simon Kent efficent

Catherine Pollitt, Bells Kia Bedford 03.10.2016

Everyone at the dealership was friendly and professional at all times in my contact with them, regardless of whether I spoke directly to the salesperson handling my transaction or someone else in the dealership. The Sales Manager remembered me by name from 3 years previously - I know that's easy to do by looking up records on the system, but it adds to that overall customer experience. All contact by phone prior to my visit to the dealership was timely, professional and courteous. Completion of paperwork was hassle-free, with everything prepared and ready for me when I called in to do that. I was truly impressed with the speed of the transaction from first calling to discuss making a new Personal Contract Hire arrangement on 27 August until I collected my new car on 15 September. Having had experience of a similar arrangement in the past with Renault where sorting out the 2nd PCH at the end of 3 years and that taking Renault 8 weeks to arrange, I was very impressed. I was also delighted with having a special plaque with my name on it by my new car and the bouquet of flowers given to me when I picked up my new car and remembered this being a lovely touch from 3 years ago: Renault never did that!

John Bowskill, Bells Kia Bedford 28.09.2016

Simon Kent who sold us the car was very attentive from our initial visit when we had just started looking at new cars. This continued throughout the whole process to when we drove the car away last week. He has since been in touch with me to find out if things are okay, and they are

Gregory Cannon, Bells Kia Bedford 28.09.2016

Stuart Penney made us feel very welcome and made the buying process as painless as possible and he managed to accommodate all the changes I asked for on my new Niro even down to allowing us to try our dog in the back to make sure there was enough space for him.

Suzanne Dickson, Bells Kia Bedford 23.09.2016

Peter Murphy from the very first, he was very professional and informative, he made you feel you were his only customer, everything he did was in the best interest of me. When I went to pick up my Kia he had bought me a lovely bunch of flowers how lovely was that.

Schalk Van Der Merwe, Bells Kia Bedford 23.09.2016

Robin Mills was an excellent sales advisor who actually contacted us to talk about our options which helped us decide to purchase the newer model.

Karina Holman, Bells Kia Bedford 09.09.2016

Stuart Penney. Stuart was very friendly, courteous and efficient at all times when discussing the purchase of my new car.

Stephanie Lack, Bells Kia Bedford 09.09.2016

Stuart was approachable helpful and enthusiastic, he was knowledgeable and honest about the vehicle, answered all of our questions, wasn't too pushy, joined in my enthusiasm on ordering and collecting the car, and was very helpful regarding our part exchange. He took delight in handing me my flowers and I loved the sign and balloons too.
The only reason we are unlikely to use Bedford for service is because Northampton is more convenient for getting to work afterwards

Christopher Fry, Bells Kia Bedford 08.09.2016

Our sales man was Robin Mills, he was excellent from start to hand over day, very polite and courteous with excellent communication throughout, he keep us fully informed of what was going on and what we needed to do at each stage of our purchase. I would highly recommend Robin and Bells motor group to anyone.

Mark Burgess, Bells Kia Bedford 03.09.2016

Peter Murphy, the Saleman. He helped us secure the car at the price we wanted.

Tony Isone, Bells Kia Bedford 03.09.2016

Pete Murphy dealt with me from start to collection of vehicle keeping me informed at regular intervals as to the progress of the vehicle. He also arranged for my private registration to be transfered prior to collection. He was also very approachable and made you feel at ease when asking questions etc

Geoffrey Bell, Bells Kia Bedford 15.08.2016

Robin Mills based @ Bells Motors Bedord gave us superb information about the car we were going to purchase. On the day we collected the car a bouquet of flowers was presented to my wife and our photo was taken with our new car.

Laura Rossiter, Bells Kia Bedford 15.08.2016

Robin was fantastic throughout the delay on the vehicle. He was sympathetic to the problems it caused and helped to find solutions for us. He handed over our car in a way that made us feel very special.

June Sowerby, Bells Kia Bedford 09.08.2016

Simon. He made me cry, but in a good way. I never feel special but he made me feel like royalty.

Rebecca Toes, Bells Kia Bedford 30.07.2016

Stuart Penny who dealt with us was fab he answered all of our questions and felt that he went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. The dealership manager was also very helpful making sure we were being looked after through every step of the process.

Victor Denwood, Bells Kia Bedford 27.07.2016

Peter Murphy is an outstanding sales executive. He has a remarkable memory for detail about his customers and goes out of his way to explain the sales process and ensure they fully understand what is going on. He is always cheerful, and customer requests are met with an energetic positive response. For him the customer is prime and nothing is rushed to get through the customer contact process. You are made to feel that you really matter to him, not just as customers, but nearly "friends"

Simon Hill, Bells Kia Bedford 19.07.2016

Peter Murphy was superb. No hard selling just considered advice and good listening.

Kim Pates, Bells Kia Bedford 18.07.2016

Dealt with Stuart Penney -good service

Linda Fisher, Bells Kia Bedford 18.07.2016

Very happy with the whole process. Simon Kent very helpful and patient with me. The same goes for Rob at the hand over.

David Bass, Bells Kia Bedford 18.07.2016

Mr Peter Murphy was the Salesman that we dealt with who we found very helpful in all matters and who answered any questions we had about the make and models of the cars on show which allowed us to make a final decision on the model that we chose.

David Mahoney, Bells Kia Bedford 18.07.2016

The dealership in general deserve to merit praise for their excellent service

Ruth Robinson, Bells Kia Bedford 04.07.2016

Pete sold me the car and he was fantastic, but all the team have been friendly and helpful. When the car was delivered by Pete, I was presented with a bunch of flowers, and because I am unable to drive at present (broken arm) Pete put the car in my drive for me. Would I go back to purchase another car - most certainly

Brian Pepper, Bells Kia Bedford 25.06.2016

From the very beginning Stuart Penny made purchasing the Sportage a pleasure. The flowers were a lovely surprise.

Jennifer Scholes, Bells Kia Bedford 25.06.2016

Simon Kent ! Absolutely professional friendly and could not do enough to help lovely experience we will be back for the next car

Roy Pearman, Bells Kia Bedford 14.06.2016

Jean the receptionist was extremely helpful and pleasant. She is a valuable asset to your company as the first point of contact for many people. Peter Murphy the salesman was an excellent person for us to deal with - he was very helpful regarding all aspects of our purchase and part exchange and took us through the whole process painlessly

Lynda Hatden-Fish, Bells Kia Bedford 04.06.2016

Stuart who was new to the job, he was cheerful, explained each question we asked, if he wasn't sure , he checked with the manager to get the answer, nothing was too much trouble, he will do very well at bells I am sure.I received flowers on the day we picked up the car, it was a lovely thought and very much appreciated thank you to all at bells

Timothy Wilson, Bells Kia Bedford 31.05.2016

Our salesman was Stuart Penney and we were very pleased with the service we got from him especially regarding getting the car ready for us earlier than we had been told. I had expressed the wish to have the car for the weekend rather than the following week, this was because we were visiting my sick parents(about a 150 mile round trip) and as we were taking other family members this meant we could all go in the one larger car. Also on the day we picked up the car Stuart handed my wife a bunch of flowers which we both thought was a really nice gesture.

Gerald Leonard, Bells Kia Bedford 31.05.2016

The staff were very efficient and answered all my questions with confidence and friendliness. Right from going through the door at Bells Kia the staff were and are brilliant especially Peter and Darryl

Terry Carney, Bells Kia Bedford 31.05.2016

Simon Kent certainly went the 'extra mile' to ensure we had a smooth and easy purchase. He also helped and advised us with the purchase of a few extras for our new Rio 4. Simon has given us every confidence that any problems we may have in the future will be speedily resolved.

Steve Close, Bells Kia Bedford 31.05.2016

Simon Kent was very helpful and friendly and made the process easy. He wasn't pushy and was able to agree a deal which was within our budget.

Victoria Dudley-Cave, Bells Kia Bedford 10.05.2016

I would like both Peter Murphy and Darryl Adams to be recognised at Kia Bedford for a lovely experience. Made the collection of my car so special. Love how they have a personalised notice next to the car and balloons attached to the car. Also received a bunch of flowers which I was not expecting. Super service.

John Couzens, Bells Kia Bedford 09.05.2016

Mr Peter Murphy [Sales] did not force us to choose in view of that we took a test drive and new the Venga automatic was the Car for us ,we are having this week Mud Flaps fitted and Scotch Guard to bodywork and Carpets etc.all organized at workshop with the help of Peter.

Kelli Louch, Bells Kia Bedford 06.05.2016

Fantastic service from Simon throughout the entire experience

Marie Taylor, Bells Kia Bedford 30.04.2016

The dealership were excellent - they were able to answer all questions and were very helpful and they talked to me not just my husband. Simon was brilliant - really great customer service great attention to detail and very helpful.

Dennis Peters, Bells Kia Bedford 30.04.2016

The salesmanship and personal care in dealing with the testing and purchasing of the car was very good. Robin went the extra mile to give us all the help needed .and made my wife day with a bunch of flowers.

Terry Carney, Bells Kia Bedford 30.04.2016

Simon Kent was outstanding in his service to us, without pressurising us in any way. The rest of the team were also friendly, helpful and courteous.

Glenn Brett, Bells Kia Bedford 29.04.2016

Robin was exceptionally good to us. Tended to our every need and made us feel very special on the day we collected our car. A little notice was put up for us. He made sure the little one was entertained with crayons and drawing material. My partner received a bunch of really nice flowers.

Christian Armstrong, Bells Kia Bedford 28.04.2016

From start to finish the experience was extremely professionally handled and also the level of service given by Rob throughout was really personal and customer focused. The lovely touch of unveiling the car and giving flowers to my wife made it all the more special. Added to the professional and detailed car demo, I was delighted overall and happy to have made the jump to my first Kia.

Robin was exceptional throughout. He dealt with my family, particularly the children, in such a personal and caring manner that it made the buying process so much more pleasant. He was also extremely down to earth and easy to deal with and never missed anything that he promised to do. A true professional. Very impressed.

Natasha Williams, Bells Kia Bedford 15.04.2016

Pete and Darryl made buying a new car a pleasurable one, no pushy sales tactics like you get at some dealerships nothing but fantastic customer service. I was so shocked with the personal touches especially when it came to the handover, my car was waiting in the showroom, roped off, a sign with my name on and once Pete had made sure we were happy with all the controls on the car I was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers and we had our photo taken. This was a special moment made an exceptional one by Pete and Darryl. Thank you so very much I have never received such fab customer service. You have a new customer for life now.

Kenneth Ward, Bells Kia Bedford 08.04.2016

Having been to another dealer in the area, Bells by far had the the best customer service. A well run dealership. Also, other staff other than Simon were really helpful. They were well informed and extremely customer/product focused. When you walked in the atmosphere was right. Nice.

Matthew Crannis, Bells Kia Bedford 06.04.2016

The initial contact and test drive were handled professionally by Peter Murphy. Following this the process to agree the price and order the vehicle were straight forward. I was kept up to date about the delivery of the car that arrived very close to the expected delivery date. On the day of collection the paperwork was ready for me to sign and everything was clear. The car was in the showroom ready to be driven off. It was a nice touch to give my wife some flowers too.

In addition, Simon Kent was also helpful when I popped into the showroom a few days before collection to sign the finance and DVLA paperwork. Peter was busy with another customer at the time and Simon was more than happy to jump in to help out and found the relevant paper work for me to sign.

Just before we drove out of the showroom, there was another nice touch where Darryl Adams (Sale Manager) introduced himself to us, expressed his appreciation for our business and buying the car from Bells. Also, we were introduced to the service department where we able to confirm our Care-3 policy had been activated and was on the Bells service system.

Alice Gadney, Bells Kia Bedford 30.03.2016

Darryl, Robin and Jean are brilliant - so polite, professional and know what they are doing! Love my new Sportage! this is our 4th KIA and 3rd from Bells!

Nikolaas Eason, Bells Kia Bedford 29.03.2016

Robin was very approachable and friendly. He was happy to answer all our questions and queries. The process was quick and easy. I loved picking up the car. The flowers and roped off car made it all feel very special and confirmed we had made the right choice.

Jane Earing, Bells Kia Bedford 29.03.2016

Car was delivered on time as agreed. The salesman gave excellent service and we are very happy with our purchase.

Liz Hall, Bells Kia Bedford 24.03.2016

Robin Mills & Darryl Adams - fantastic service from both, they remembered us from when we bought our last sportage & we're so helpful & really make everything so easy for you. They are a great advert for your brand & we have reccomded to friends & family. Please commend them for their excellent service, they make you feel special & well looked after as customers and really do go the extra mile. A big thank you to Robin & Darryl from David & Liz (Parsons)

Donna Phillips, Bells Kia Bedford 23.03.2016

Darryl always has made us feel very welcome when we go to the dealership, he greets us like friends and always chats to us and helps as much as he can. But the whole team are fab, Pete sold us a new car and I think the lady is Jean on service but I'm rubbish with names she is wonderful too, but Darryl we would buy a car from every time, he's fab.

Geoff Older, Bells Kia Bedford 23.03.2016

Simon Kent was the salesman I dealt with and I cannot fault him throughout the whole process. Those of his colleagues that I met including Darryl the sales manager were pleasant, friendly and efficient. I particularly liked the handover process which really makes the buyer feel their custom is welcome and appreciated

Mrs Kopesky, Bells Kia Northampton 17.03.2016

Thank you to Guy James he was very helpful and did his job well

Michelle Glaholm, Bells Kia Northampton 17.03.2016

My sales executive was Nick his attention to detail and friendly nature made the whole experience pleasureable. He had great knowledge of the car and gave full explanation of all the gadgets. Nothing was too much trouble for him

Mrs Jubb, Bells Kia Northampton 17.03.2016

Michael Presland is so friendly and helpful. This is the 3rd time we have dealt with him personally. He tries to get you the best deal possible, and on this occasion I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a thank you for our custom over the years. Most unexpected, thank you Michael.

Stephen Wiseman, Bells Kia Bedford 14.03.2016

The sales team were willing to answer all my questions and had a good knowledge of the car and l was made to feel at ease. Simon kent went out of his way to assist me in the purchase of my car.

Mrs Stephenson, Bells Kia Northampton 10.03.2016

Michael was friendly knew his car well and was very kind in my circumstances, I give him top marks.

James Saywell, Bells Kia Bedford 09.03.2016

Pete Murphy was exceptional throughout. Informed and made my partner, who the Rio was for, feel comfortable and valued at all times. Nice touch giving her some flowers when we collected the car too! The dealership manager, Darryl, i think his name was also very good, open and honest. Will definately recommend to others.

Francoise Kent, Bells Kia Bedford 08.03.2016

Simon was exceptionally helpful, polite and attentive. I would happily recommend him to friends and family. I found all staff I met to be very friendly.

Tony Goss, Bells Kia Bedford 07.03.2016

As an existing KIA owner, my wife owning a Picanto prior to buying a Kia Sportage owner, both prior to buying this New Sportage, I was VERY concerned to find that Kia have decided in their wisdom, to cease providing a spare wheel ,and toolkit, with the GD1 model. I further find that a "kit" of parts including a "temporary" spare wheel, is not even yet available to purchase, even though it is a month since the new model was launched. Should I get a puncture, my experience of the stupid pot of glue is that anything more than a pin prick will mean getting a tyre company out to the roadside to replace or repair the affected tyre, which if on a motorway could cost me a fortune.

A full kit of tools and a spare wheel is a basic requirement in my view-I cannot even check the wheel nuts for tightness.!!! Why spoil a good vehicle for a penny pinching matter of a spare and a few spanners.? As it is, I am still waiting to be told that the kit is in stock, as I have had to order one from Bells. There is nothing wrong with Bells themselves, we bought the last two Sportages from them, and are very happy with all the staff, its just Kia messing about with a good product.

Frederick Sparrow, Bells Kia Bedford 07.03.2016

Peter Murphy was a first class salesman. Did not keep calling after the first meeting. I dislike pushy reps. The right balance maintained

Barry Weightman, Bells Kia Bedford 07.03.2016

Robin Mills was my sales contact and he properly looked after me throughout the whole process and was open and honest throughout.

Mary Coker, Bells Kia Bedford 04.03.2016

The person that dealt with me was called Robin and he did everything he could to put the sale though without any problems. As I was leaving I was presented a lovely bunch of flowers and also had my photograph taken. I felt really special

Barry Hardy, Bells Kia Bedford 04.03.2016

Robin Mills always very polite and quick to respond to any queries

Amanda Pearson, Bells Kia Bedford 04.03.2016

From the second we walked in the showroom for the first time until the minute we drove the car out of the showroom we were made to feel like we were the only customers. Nothing was too much trouble and Darryl especially went above and beyond to ensure we could collect the car when we wanted to.

Lauren Ambrose, Bells Kia Bedford 04.03.2016

The customer service was exceptional and would highly recommend. Very helpful and did everything for us and made the collection of the car very special. Pete and Darryl were great

Suzan Essary, Bells Kia Northampton 04.03.2016

Best customer service I've ever had! Friendly, caring, efficient, very good at his job, he put me at ease & really made the whole experience pleasant & felt as though you knew him for ages. He knew what he was doing & he put my needs first. This man deserves some recognition. Very very well done. Thank you Guy

Emma Gould, Bells Kia Northampton 23.02.2016

6 years ago I had a bad experience with another kia dealership . Over the last few months I wanted to buy a new car, to move on to the future and to have a reliable car for the next three years for long distance running so i decide to drag my father to help me however when appearing in kia , nick Taylor approached with a warm friendly approach made me feel relax and thoughly enjoy the company whole time I been there. Even a test drive in a three door made me laugh, dad struggle to get in (Def a five door car!!) :) but over all I fell in love with the car show demo and knew I had to get her :) he also had to aplogise for delay but with a small approach and a conversation had made the visit worth a wait on the final day of collection :) nick Taylor will go an extra miles to help any clients in a warm friendly relax environment and will help you in any way to what you want :)

Amanda & Roger Pearson, Bells Kia Bedford 20.02.2016

We cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts yesterday. We really appreciate you turning the car around for us in 1 day. You made us feel really special when we picked the car up, those extra little touches make all the difference to a customer.

Dave Wright, Bells Kia Bedford 19.02.2016

I came to KIA to get a benchmark for all the cars i was going to look at. However to my surprise the cars were actually quite nice. The experience from Robin was great.He listened to my neads, helped me work out a payment plan that suited me with a car that met my requirements. Communication via phone and email were exceptional. Whole process was very quick and very pleasant. And as Rob said, i would love the car. And indeed i do. Im still delightfully surprised which is something considering i own a Harley & a Merc too :)

Tami Chalmers, Bells Kia Northampton 09.02.2016

Michael presland was my sales contact he gave a fantastic service and delivered on time and was promt when I needed information.

Anna Rowlands, Bells Kia Northampton 08.02.2016

Nick was helpful with setting up car bluetooth explain everything about the car and a very polite service

Alan Nixon, Bells Kia Bedford 05.02.2016

We waited 7 weeks for our new car And the service we received from the dealership was fantastic. They were embarrassed about how long we had to wait and lent us a demo car They kept us updated all the way about the delivery of our car which was clearly not their fault. Rob Mills in Sales and a lady called Katherine but all staff were helpful if those two were not available

Angela Murray, Bells Kia Bedford 01.02.2016

Sales person Simon Kent was very attentive to all our requirements, with his excellent knowledge concerning all Kia cars, products etc enabled us the confidence and awareness needed to make the purchase of our first Kia car an easy choice.

Thomas Norris, Bells Kia Bedford 22.01.2016

Simon at Kia was very helpful and informative

Carolyn Alaoui, Bells Kia Bedford 18.01.2016

I saw Pete Murphy and dealt with him from purchase of my car to picking it up ,he was very helpful and couldn't do enough to make sure my experience went smoothly , he was very patient and I didn't feel rushed into my decision which car to purchase , the whole experience was I'm sure made better by Pete,I love my car so far ,no problems and if there were I'm sure I'd contact Pete Murphy 10/10

Wesley Rickward, Bells Kia Bedford 18.01.2016

Very satisfied, Robin got me a very good deal on the car I wanted. All the staff are very friendly and approachable. From the Sales Manager Daryl to Jean in Servicing, they are a credit to the dealership. The Bells KIA team in Bedford are a great team and a credit to Bells.

Harley Joslin, Bells Kia Bedford 15.01.2016

Peter Murphy - very friendly, informative and helpful. Felt no pressure into buying the car. Made all the paper work easy to understand. Simon another sales executive I spoke to was always very informative and friendly too. Felt very welcome. All staff were very polite and friendly.