Volvo Polestar upgrade from only £775.00

Money back guarantee

Not only does Polestar perfectly mesh will all the systems on your Volvo, we are so confident that you will love the way it changes your Volvo, that we will allow you to try it, risk free for 14 days. Simply have it installed at Bells Motor Group, and if you don’t love the improved power and performance, simply return to us within 14 days to have it removed and get a full refund*

A Polestar power optimisation increases the standard engines horsepower and torque, offering you an enhanced driving experience.

The technology has been developed by Polestar in close co-operation with Volvo’s powertrain engineers. The optimisation consists of a software upgrade installed by any Volvo authorised dealer. It’s a quick installation which can easily be done while your car is in for a service or tyre change.

The only optimisation guaranteed to enhance your Volvo’s performance

The close co-operation with Volvo’s engine development engineers means that your Volvo original warranty remains intact and no alterations to the service schedule is needed.

Polestar upgrade Was £830.00 - Now from £775.00

Prices are subject to change. For more information please complete the form below and a member of our service department will contact you. Alternatively call us today by clicking this link

*An administrative charge of £25 is charged to the customer for the removal of the software - this is inclusive of VAT. You will be charged £15.62 for each removal and the administrative charge is invoiced to the customer. This price is not inclusive of any labour content.